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Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone


Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone


Brand name: Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Treatment: Sleep disorder, insomnia

Quantity per pack: 28 x 10 mg tablets

Price per pill: £1.40

Active Ingredient: Zopiclone


Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone are a type of sleeping pills that have been designed for the short term treatment of Sleep disorder and similar conditions. This particular product is manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  Zopiclone tablets (hypnotics) work by acting on the brain to cause sleepiness. They may be used for the short term treatment of several sleeping issues. They can be used to treat difficulties in falling asleep, waking up at night or early in the morning. They can also be used to treat those who have difficulty in sleeping caused by events, situations or mental illness, which is severe, disabling or causing great distress.

Warning before taking zopiclone tablets

It is strongly advised not to take Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone or any other Zopiclone tablets if you:

  • are allergic to zopiclone or any of the other ingredients that can be found in the tablets. An allergic reaction to this medicine could include a rash, itching, finding it hard to breath or swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue.
  • have severe liver problems or history of liver issues
  • suffer from Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (breathing problems whilst sleeping)
  • have symptoms of myasthenia gravis (severe muscle weakness)
  • have severe breathing problems
  • are under the age of 18.

Make sure you consult your doctor or GP before you start taking Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone or any other kind of Zopiclone tablets or based medicine.

(All the information we provide on all products are simply generic guidelines only. This information is not intended to be treated as directions for usage. Nor is it to be followed if it contradicts the advice given to any individual by a doctor, their GP, or any other medical professional. Do not take any medicines of any kind without first consulting a doctor or your GP. Also please be sure to carefully read our privacy policy and our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information. All purchases made from this website are made under the terms that you have fully read,  understood, and abide by such Terms & Conditions).

Brand name

Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone by Signature Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Sleep disorder, insomnia

Quantity per pack

28 x 10 mg tablets

Price per pill


Active Ingredient


4 reviews for Zopisign 10 mg Zopiclone

  1. Austin mcglinchey

    Hello I’m interested in zopasign zopicane 10mg . Are the boxes containing 140 tablets

  2. need4sleepuk

    Thank you for your enquiry Austin, please note: Products that are displayed in the images on this website, ARE the exact same branded products you will receive when you order. We do not use generic versions or “the closest alternative”. It is also worth noting, that any “approximate” amounts seen on product packaging in any of the product images on display in our website are not necessarily the amounts that count as “1 item” All of our product descriptions clearly state the amount of tablets/capsules that are defined as 1 item. In this instance, Zopiclone 10 mg tablets are approximately 28 tablets per ‘1 item’. I hope this information is useful to you.
    Kind regards

  3. Colin Friel

    What packaging do you use & do you have next day delivery guaranteed?

  4. James Ward

    Hi gorge how do i order zopison 7.5

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