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COVID-19 Health & Safety Products

COVID-19 Health & Safety Products

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. With organizations facing unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 Health & Safety Products have now been pretty much integrated with personal protective equipment, commonly known as “PPE.” Which is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards. The type that can cause serious workplace illnesses and injuries.

Preserve your health

Whether you’re working the front lines in a factory or a healthcare worker in a hospital setting, you need to be protecting your health by using the correct PPE and other safety products to help protect yourself against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The most effective protective or resilient items are noted as:

  • facemasks
  • hand sanitisers
  • alcohol antibacterial surface wipes
  • forehead thermometers
  • fast-screening fever solution readers
  • ultraviolet light sterilizers (disinfectant lamps)
  • coronacide (kills corona virus on contact) 

Chemical cleaners

Recent studies have shown that disinfectants and bleaches can be very effective. Those that contain ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite are the most effective as they virtually destroy all of the virus’ pathogenic particles.

These chemicals can be often found in many supermarket cleaning products. Such as bleach and other alcohol-based items.

Any bleach that has a concentration of around 0.5 per cent will be strong enough to help rid your home of any coronavirus germs.

Hand sanitisers

Another effective product is alcohol-based hand sanitisers. If looking to get any, you want one that contains somewhere between 62 per cent and 80 per cent alcohol. Anything less than that is not as effective.

Disposable facemasks

The most obvious and most simple protection you could look to, would be the disposable facemask. They are affordable, and are now readily available to buy in supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. And of course online, along with other COVID-19 safety items that are available.

Some people find the disposables more lightweight and convenient than the reusable cloth masks. They have also been recommended for people who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. As they must conform to specific filtration standards that have been set by the main authority establishments all over the world.

They are usually made of several layers of a type of polypropylene. They are either made flat, pleated, or moulded to the face. Most types also tend to have a built-in nose wire for greater comfort. As well as simple elastic straps that have been designed to go around the ears or head.

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