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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, your order doesn’t go ahead until payment is confirmed by our account providers. The delivery time of your order depends on a number of different factors.                               Firstly, which class of delivery you select from the options (see ‘Delivery Methods’) of the Royalmail services we use to deliver our goods.

Secondly, your location. The most efficient method we use is:

Royal Mail Tracked 24®

Tracking to delivery point and next-day delivery

  • Tracking to delivery point
  • SMS or email notifications to recipients
  • Next working day delivery aim
  • Signature on delivery
  • Flexible delivery options available – including Safeplace and Delivery to a preferred neighbour
Please note

Due to the current corona virus situation, we’re no longer asking the recipient to sign for items delivered on or after Saturday 14 March 2020.

The recipient’s name and confirmation of delivery can still be viewed at

Find out more at

That is the primary service that we employ to deliver the orders we take.  In an ideal world, you would receive your order the following day from when you placed the order, and this is provided that you had already completed your order before 12.00pm. If the order is placed any later than this time, it will most probably have to be dispatched the following day.

Please Note: We as a company do not guarantee that your order will get to you the very next day.   We will do our very best for the order to get to you the next day, we will provide you with all of the details of the delivery, including the tracking number which is the unique number designated for each individual delivery (go to for further details). We will do everything we can to be of assistance, but Need4Sleep-UK cannot be held liable if your order does not arrive the next day. So what we do say to you, is please allow 48 hours for your order to arrive, to avoid disappointment.


If your order is placed over the weekend please expect the delivery to take at least 24 hours more to arrive, as we don’t normally dispatch packages on these days because post offices are not open anyway.                                                                            If you do place an order on Saturday or Sunday then it will be shipped on Monday and you will most likely receive it on Tuesday, or worst ways on Wednesday.

Overseas Orders

We are happy to dispatch orders to wherever your location may be, however we cannot be held responsible for any complications if they arise due to any import laws or restrictions. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to know his/her countries laws. 

Need4Sleep-UK cannot be held liable for any loss if the order is stopped or held at customs.

In order to ensure our customers’ privacy, we package all orders in plain brown envelopes that give no indication as to what is contained inside the parcel.

While Need4Sleep-UK take every reasonable measure to ensure on-time delivery to our customers, delays may arise due to reasons beyond our control, such as late delivery from suppliers, delays caused due to public holidays, and delays that occur due to issues faced by the postal service.

In addition to this, incomplete or incorrect delivery instructions provided by the customer can also lead to delays or loss of goods.                        Please be informed that we cannot be held responsible for delays that arise due to incorrect information being submitted so please make sure that the information you’ve provided at the time of order placement is accurate and complete.

Orders are considered as lost if they have not been delivered within 28 days of when the order was placed. 

However, unforeseen circumstances can, and have been known to lead to extensive delays, therefore, we may not start an investigation for a delayed order until a reasonable amount of time has passed.

It is the customer’s responsibility to contact our customer support if they haven’t received their order. We may not be able to process a refund request if the above-mentioned procedure has not been correctly followed by the customer.

Find Out More

If you have any questions regarding our delivery process, you may contact us. You may also consider reading our FAQs and Terms and Conditions page in order to learn in detail find out more about our complete delivery process.

Expiration dates are always printed on the back of the tablet blister itself, not on the outside box or packaging, so it is fairly simple to check the date and know that they have not had packaging exchanged or tampered with.                                   

If item has expired, please do not take, and contact us as soon as you notice.

You will find the expiry date on the blister. It is indicated on each separate one. The average shelf life is usually 2 years from date of production.

Though it can differ for various products.

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