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Zuellig Pharma Established themselves in the Philippines in 1922. They are one of the top leading healthcare services provider in Asia. This is demonstrated by them having operations spread out in over 13 different countries.

Zuellig Pharma specialise in providing targeted solutions. This includes distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trial materials. As well as sales and marketing outsourcing, patient-centred programs, and a vast range of retail pharmacy services. Through this broad range of innovative tailored services, the company’s objective is to help healthcare companies capture and realize the full market potential of the dynamic healthcare markets in Asia.

Privately held and headquartered in Hong Kong, Zuellig Pharma employs 10,000 people and serves over 290,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across Asia.

The Beginning

The beginning of the Zuellig Pharma story date all the way back to 1901. This is when a young Frederick E. Zuellig set sail to Manila in search of a career in international business.

In 1912, Zuellig joined Lutz y Cía, a firm owned by a Swiss family who started to trade in the Philippine Islands in the 1850s. Zuellig became a partner in this company, subsequently acquired full ownership and incorporated it in 1922. In its early years, F. E. Zuellig, Inc. operated as:

  • a general merchant
  • agent, distributor
  • manufacturer
  • exporter and importer in diverse fields, such as:
  • textiles
  • insurance
  • shipping
  • transport
  • consumer goods
  • healthcare products
  • household appliances
  • commodities
  • industrial chemicals
  • and machinery.

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