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Trinh Trung LA

Trinh Trung LA

Trinh Trung LA were founded in Vietnam in South-east Asia in the year 2018. Mr. Vince Nguyen is the CEO of the relatively new company. They manufacture a range of products which includes:

  • 100% Regenerative Polyester Fibre
  • 100% Regenerative Polyester Yarn
  • Medical masks
  • Chun Khau Trang

They have built up their workforce to over 200 employees in under 2years since when they were founded.

In their own words

Trinh Trung LA Company was born, bringing “best competitive advantages” to textile and garment enterprises.  In particular and the Vietnam textile industry in general. TrinhTrung LA Company operates in the field of cotton fibre, polyester synthetic fibre. With experts that have many years of experience, we understand to create “VALUE” for customers. It is not just ” HIGH QUALITY “but also the” CENTER “- the enthusiasm of the people who make the product. Therefore, for us “Your benefit – our goal”. Each product, every order of TrinhTrung LA is a spiritual child that is carefully cared for by our team.

Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity!


Trinh Trung LA is always proud to be a supplier of quality and durable cotton fibre and synthetic fibre.

Regenerative Polyester Fibre, thickness 0.9D – 25D, custom length.

Production line: 2  Production capacity: 160 tons per day

Successfully exported to: China, India, America, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina,

– Global recycling certificate (GRS)

– Meet all quality needs.

Recycled polyester products are used in many different industries such as:

– PE spinning

– Non-woven knitted fabric

– Mexican fabric erect

– Stuffed jackets, stuffed animals

– Broken rice, rolls

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