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Sildamax is more of a product than it is really any kind of company. They  a 100mg Sildenafil tablet
It works the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (anti-erectile dysfunction), resulting in a faster and stronger blood flow through the male genital area which results in a longer lasting harder erection. Sildamax is a medication that is to be taken orally.

Recommended dosages for Sildamax

The correct dosage of Sildamax tablets should be discussed with your doctor, but as a general guide to treat Erectile Dysfunction patients they are usually advised to start with 50mg per day taken around one hour before any sexual contact.

Sildamax acts quickly and will usually reach its maximum effect between thirty minutes and two hours after being taken, the average is after around one hour. Depending on the individual’s reaction to Sildamax and its effectiveness, doctors may advise that the dosage be increased by 25mg per day until it is effective in treating the Erectile Dysfunction or the maximum recommended dose of 100mg per day is reached.

How safe is Sildamax?

Many people take this supplement and experience no adverse effects at all, in clinical trials the most common side effects reported were; headaches, flushing, nasal congestion and dyspepsia (indigestion).

A number of users reported some impaired vision. Such as a loss of peripheral vision, blue tinting and light sensitivity (photophobia). If any of the common side effects are felt, headaches can be treated with suitable pain killers and the other possible adverse effects should pass within four hours, if they don’t then patients should seek medical advice.

In some patients more serious adverse effects have been reported. This included sudden hearing loss, heart attack and stroke and priapism. Which is where the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state and can be a very serious and painful condition. If any of the more serious effects occur, patients should discontinue using and seek immediate medical attention.

Because of the risks associated to sildenafil citrate Sildamax should only be taken after consulting with a trained physician as there are a number of medical conditions where using Sildamax would not be advised or where a lower dose might be recommended.

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