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Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM) were established twenty years ago in the heart of Southeast Asia. PPM are an international pharmaceutical company based in Cambodia.


PPM are initiated with the support of the European Union ECIP program. They are also a partner of the CERP France Group partner. As well as being GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice).


PPM has a high level of human and technological resources. Which they use to develop and produce a wide range of antibiotics, analgesics and high-quality products of family medication. Products which all comply with international control and safety standards.

A leader in its domestic market, PPM now exports over half of its production to French-speaking Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Created in a developing country, PPM has contributed a lot to Cambodia’s recovery process. By boosting its pharmaceutical industry and facilitating widespread access to quality medical products. With 300 employees and a powerful distribution network, PPM proudly strives every day for a better health for everyone, everywhere, especially in developing countries.

PPM’s Vision

To facilitate widespread access to high quality, safe and effective drugs in Cambodia. PPM contribute to Cambodia’s economic development by enabling a thriving pharmaceutical industry to flourish.

Both of these objectives have been highly successful over the past few years. This has provided PPM with a unique perspective on the needs of developing countries, and leading along to its third mission:

To develop products accounting for developing countries’ specific pathologies in the areas of infectious diseases, vitamins, OTC…

Hence, PPM helps developing countries grow by promoting access to quality drugs for their populations. As well as contributing to the vitality of their pharmaceutical industry.

Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

Your health is priority

  • promoting the protection of our natural environment and the health and well-being of our citizens
  • helping the fight against and reducing distribution of poor quality counterfeit medicines.  Ensuring all fellow citizens could have access to high quality, safe and effective drugs.


Knowledge of the markets is essential. Especially emerging ones: i.e: develop products for developing countries’ specific pathologies in the areas of infectious diseases, vitamins, OTC…


Promote the spirit of research and innovation sense among the younger generations


Only the best products to fit the needs of the population.

Diazepam (PPM) 10mg

Bromalex Bromazepam 6mg


To maintain and extend close collaboration with its local and international partners.

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