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Neutech Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Neutech Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Neutech Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Neutec Healthcare Pvt Ltd was established and set up in 2010.  They set out with an objective to manufacture the best quality products with the help of the best technology in the pharmaceutical industry.


This organization is promoted by Professionals who have versatile experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Neutec Healthcare has its manufacturing unit backed up by professionals who are desirous in the field of manufacturing. This includes both new and difficult to produce molecules.


They have already enjoyed success, and they will go on to achieve even more. Whilst at the same time raising the level of quality standards within the international competition.


Neutec Healthcare is committed to continuously provide quality products to its customers. The company’s motto, “Best Quality, on time, every time,” speaks for its commitment to provide quality products to its customers on time.

Research & Development

Neutec Healthcare has a policy to spend heavily on research & development. This is in order to add more products to its growing list of Molecules.


The manufacturing facility of Neutec Healthcare Pvt.Ltd is located in Delhi, in India . It is well equipped with versatile plant & machinery. Along with all the utilities required for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablet & capsule formulations.

Their manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce various categories of products at plant level. It has the capability to produce a huge amount of many products on their list. As well as having the resources and capabilities to produce large quantities of most of their formulations against within a relatively short period.

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