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Neuraxpharm are a European leader in pharmaceutical products for the central nervous system. And they have been doing so since Neuraxpharm started back in 1985.

The European CNS Platform

Neuraxpharm has direct presence with its own organisations in the main European markets. Also there are plans of further geographic expansion in Europe.


They offer a wide range of proven, differentiated and affordable CNS treatment options.  Not only to patients, but also to healthcare professionals and industry partners.


  • €480M Turnover
  • 130 CNS Molecules
  • 80% European CNS market reached with own presense
  • 850 Group employees


To be the leading European company in pharmaceutical products for
the treatment of the central nervous system (CNS)


Neuraxpharm have had a unique understanding of the national CNS market for over 35 years. The company develops and commercializes value added medicines, standard generics and Consumer Healthcare products. For example probiotics and other nutraceuticals in Europe.

They are continuously striving to offer a wide range of effective, high quality and affordable CNS treatments. Aimed at patients as well as health professionals and industry partners.


Additionally, through their manufacturing companies Lesvi and Inke, Neuraxpharm has an international presence in over 50 countries. Providing industry partners with finished dosage forms (FDFs) across multiple technologies. As well as niche active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) using their expertise in the CNS and respiratory areas.

Comprehensive CNS Portfolio

Offering patients and medical specialists therapeutic solutions. This includes cover from prevention with Consumer Healthcare Products. And also standard treatment with Standard Generics to Value Added Medicines.

With our broad portfolio in this area we contribute to improving patients’ health and mental well-being and address their unmet mental health needs.


Neuraxpharm has annual revenues in excess of €480 million. They currently have a direct presence in 12 European countries. They have direct access to over 80% of the European CNS drug market with its pharmaceutical products. Which comprises of more than 130 different CNS active ingredients.


Their portfolio covers more mature niche products. As well as highly innovative differentiated forms, molecules and dosages. Of which offers tangible benefits for patients, which are in many cases affected by chronic diseases. The development of their portfolio is fueled by internal and external development as well as acquisitions.

In parallel to the significant expansion into further key markets in Europe in the last four years, Neuraxpharm has put strong focus on the integration and consolidation of the individual country businesses. They Capitalise on the diversity and powerful collaboration across functions and countries. By doing so, the company has successfully established a pan-European platform to commercialize CNS products. Which in hand will help better serve the European CNS community. Especially during the mentally taxing lockdown caused by the pandemic.


The companies growth has outpaced the market in most countries during the last quarters. Underlining the resilience and potential of the company.


The pharma company has a direct presence in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • Portugal

Backed by funds advised by Apax Partners, Neuraxpharm has a unique understanding of the CNS market built over 35 years.

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