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HAB Pharma

HAB Pharma

HAB Pharma was incepted in 1980 and the company has grown from strength to strength. They have progressively carved their very own niche as one of the finest Indian Pharma firms in the industry. The firm is surely and swiftly heading towards the milestone of a INR 2,000 million turnover. Which stands as a true testimony to the contribution made by HAB Pharma to the world of medicinal products.


They are a truly committed company who stand by their beliefs. Their motto is  ‘Satisfaction and Growth through Customer Service, Product Quality and Innovation’.


HAB Pharma are committed to working to provide accessible and affordable healthcare products to the world over. Their list of products are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and range from:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • NSAIDs
  • Gastrointestinal formulations
  • Anthelmintic formulations
  • Cardiovascular formulations
  • Dermal formulations
  • Erectile Dysfunction formulations, and several other categories across the nation and the globe.


Their ‘Total Quality Management System’ astutely adheres to the WHO GMP regulations. They provide comprehensive services ranging from drug development to manufacturing. Specialising in manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations that include the following:

  • tablets
  • capsules
  • ointments
  • eye and ear drops amongst others.

HAB Pharma Has a Good Reputation

HAB is a very well-known pharma company worldwide. Despite operating primarily out of India.

The reason for this is because they decided to focus on contract manufacturing. A method they have practiced since they were established in 1980.

This basically means that there are a lot of other supplement and pharmaceutical products sold by other companies that are produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals labs. Many companies will essentially pay HAB Pharmaceuticals to produce their medications for them. They then go about marketing them under their own brand.


It is hard to put a figure on exactly how many drugs and supplements are actually made by HAB Pharma. We know that they’re well-known in a number of health sectors. Which is obviously a good indication of their reputation within the medical industry in general.

Team Effort

The company has an incredible team of scientists and lab technicians working for them who have a great deal of experience making pharmaceuticals. There is no reason a company like this would sacrifice the reputation they’ve built themselves on by producing sub-par medications.

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