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Bailleul Laboratories

Bailleul Laboratories

Bailleul Laboratories

Bailleul Laboratories are an independent pharmaceutical group that were founded in France in 1949. The French pharma company have been working on Dermatology and Family Medicine for over 65 years. Their international headquarters is based in Geneva and works closely with its subsidiaries and distributors. Today, they encompass 3 leading brands:

  • Biorga Dermatology – global solutions to care for patients with dermatological conditions
  • Therica Family Medicine – recommended products for everyday illnesses
  • Femilyane Women’s Health – a range dedicated to female well-being


The French pharma company has over 65 years experience of being a big name in the pharmaceutical industry. During which they have been fully committed to Healthcare Professionals and Patients around the world. By working on new molecule combinations, dreaming up innovative galenic products which all contributes to making Patients’ lives easier.


Because Bailleul Laboratories intend to be at the heart of the matter for both doctors and pharmacists by providing them with the solutions they need to help patients in their day to day lives.


Gaining inspiration from all different walks of life and different cycles (biological, hair, skin, organism, etc.) to provide reliable global solutions through simple, complete product ranges.


Bailleul Laboratories continue to achieve their targets and earning global accolade. This is due to their relentless efforts in developing and selling medicines, dermo-cosmetics, food supplements. As well as revolutionary medical devices that provide overall patient care in the most advanced fields of Dermatology and Family Medicine.

They aim to be a day-to-day laboratory working to provide advanced instruments and products for Healthcare Professionals and Consumers.

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