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Acme Laboratories Ltd

Acme Laboratories Ltd

Acme Laboratories Ltd

Acme Laboratories Ltd is one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies.  for manufacturing world-class and top-quality pharmaceutical products. The company was founded in 1954 in Bangladesh.

Main objective

They are currently producing more than 500 products in different dosage forms. They cover broader therapeutic categories which include:

  • anti-infective
  • cardiovascular
  • antidiabetics
  • gastrointestinal
  • CNS
  • respiratory disease


Their success in the local market prompted them to explore the international market. Over the years they have gained a firm presence in South East Asia, Africa and Central America. Acme are continuously discovering new horizons. Enabling them to improve the quality of life for patients, to further the success of our customers and to help meet global challenges.

By numbers

The company currently has just over 7,000 employees. And they possess outstanding knowledge, professionalism and commitment. They are consistently building upon facilities, capabilities and also portfolio to meet growing health care needs.


They are united, inspired and fuelled by their mission to ensure health vigour and happiness for all. Acme was founded in 1954 by Mr. Hamidur Rahman Sinha. An entrepreneur and philanthropist in the region of then British divided Indian sub-continent. They are committed to offering solutions to pressing health care needs. Over half a century later, they remain true to their founder’s vision and values. Which is to produce high quality medicines with integrity, customer focus, pro-activity, team spirit, excellence and desire to win and responding to social and environmental needs. *(the companies own words translated)


Over the past few decades, there has been an amazing level of growth as well as success in the pharmaceutical sector. Acme have over 60 years experience applying and expanding their level of expertise in both medicine and science. The company draws upon a rich legacy of high quality formulations and a robust pipeline of promising generic medicines. Which are offered at affordable prices whilst meeting health care needs.


Ever since 1954 Acme has stood for quality, business success and responsible entrepreneurship. Their heritage and our values are the foundation of their mission to ensure health, vigour and happiness for mankind.

“Perpetual Quest for Excellence” is the companies quality slogan.

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